Export users list from Azure AD Group You can easily export the list as a csv file with the required attributes by the […]
Create a Windows Server Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure using PowerShell script Change the following values as per your preference username password Resource […]
Copy files between Containers in Azure Storage Account There are some requirements sometimes to run a scheduled task to copy files between storage […]
Run a scheduled task in Azure There are several ways available to run a scheduled task in azure. One of the method is […]
How to Move Azure resources between two different accounts In-order to start the resources movement between accounts, as the first step, link the […]
Create an an e-mail alert/sms when someone logging into an Azure Windows Virtual Machine It is possible to create an alert and send […]
Active Directory setup in Windows 2022 node in aks Node Pool Support of Widows 2022 in Azure Kubernetes Service is in Public Preview. […]
Reset Azure Migrate Virtual Appliance Sometimes you will have some requirements to reset your Azure Migrate Virtual appliance. Here are some of the […]
Kubeapps in AKS – Easily test apps in AKS Kubeapps is a web-based UI for deploying and managing applications in Kubernetes clusters I […]
Setup Virtual machine Backup in Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline using PowerShell Sometimes, for some reasons you need to setup a Windows or Linux […]
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