By default, you have only limited number of performance counters only are available in Azure Log Analytics workbook. However, you may add custom performance counters as explained in my blog post here:
In this blog I have constructed a custom performance counter for 
Memory Pages/sec for virtual machines

Here are the steps you may need to follow:

Create New Workbook and add custom cmdlets
Go to Monitor ->Virtual Machines (Preview) page and open ‘View Work Books’

Go to Monitor ->Virtual Machines (Preview) page and open ‘View Work Books’

Add New Work Book, by clicking ‘+ New’ button there.
Paste the following sample Log Analytics Qury and try a ‘Run Query’ there

Perf | where CounterName == “Pages/sec” and ObjectName == “Memory” | summarize AggregatedValue = avg(CounterValue) by bin(TimeGenerated, 1m), Computer | render timechart

Save the Workbook with the desired name.
Now the workbook will appear in your workbook collection page as below:

Open the new workbook created to see the custom counter created by these steps. You may pin this workbook to dashboard for easy access and usage

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